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St Francis Employability

St Francis Employability is a registered charity that operates out of St Francis of Assisi Church in Radford. The projects primary aim is to transform the local community and the lives of local people by helping them move forward to social and financial inclusion and employment/education. St Francis Employability works holistically through many projects to provide essential services to the community, including a social supermarket, ESOL and skills lessons, volunteering opportunities and more.

As part of MyCoventry – what we offer:

ESOL Employability

ESOL employability is an accredited course which is offered at different levels. The course is adapted for people that do not have English as a first language and who want to learn more about working in the UK. ​

  • Accredited employability skills with added ESOL
  • Entry level 2 – Level 2
  • 3 modules Exploring Job opportunities, maintaining work standards and Learning through work experience.
  • We will find a work experience placement for the candidate and support their volunteering journey – during lockdown restrictions this will be a planning and reviewing learning module to ensure that clients can still gain accreditation.
  • 60HRS of classroom teaching plus 75hrs volunteering
  • 10 weeks (2 classroom sessions a week) Plus intro and catch up week

Skills development

We will be offering a wide range of job specific skills courses (accredited and non-accredited) with there being a different focus each quarter of the project. ​

  • Health and Safety (E3)
  • Customer Service (E3)
  • Food hygiene (E3 and L1)
  • Cleaning (E3)
  • CSCS prep

Civic Orienteering 

Our civic orienteering is a non-accredited 10-week course which helps provide individuals with the key information they need for life in the UK including: ​

  • Our local area
  • Healthcare
  • Transport
  • Education
  • Keeping Safe
  • Leisure
  • Housing
  • Communication
  • Values

Information Technology

  • Accredited at E3 level
  • Online Basics – How to use an online IT system to search for and use internet-based information and use e-mail to communicate
  • Information Technology – How to use an online IT device or system and keep systems safe
  • Computer Security and Privacy – How to protect a computer and data, keep a computer secure and updated
  • At an accredited level this needs to be delivered face to face (PC needed). Remotely we can deliver basic ESOL for IT/IT Skills

Our Employability Course and Customer skills course are accredited by ASDAN. The remainder of our accredited courses, including food hygiene, health and safety and information technology are accredited through Open College Network.

For more details about the project and its offering, please give our learning mentor Phoebe a call on 07867 473814.

For more details about St Francis Employability please see their website