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In July 2020, the EU’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, awarded more than £1.7m to Coventry for the MyCoventry project, a 2-year initiative that will look at addressing local, social and economic inequalities that hinder the way young people and adults from migrant communities interact and become an integral part of ​Coventry. The AMIF UK Responsible Authority administers AMIF policy in the UK.

The specialist partnership that My Coventry has developed will bridge service gaps, provide mentoring, coaching and holistic interventions to support client progression and integration.
The city-wide partnership between Coventry City Council, the Job Shop, St Francis Employability, ACH, Coventry University and Positive Youth Foundation is part-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). 

Working together will allow us to capitalise on each organisation’s strengths and knowledge. The project will deliver an exciting programme of activities designed to create opportunities for newly arrived communities.

MyCoventry will help improve language skills and enable new communities to learn and feel a part of the life of the city; as well as boost employment opportunities.

Our Approach

With our 2-year project we hope we will create a culture of inclusion and friendliness, with Coventry becoming a city in which all of its citizens feel a true sense of belonging.

The foundations of the project will focus on employment skills and development, community and social links, and language and learning. We hope that by working in these areas we can empower our communities to come together and drive change.

A key component of MyCoventry is the ‘Integrass’ Assessment which has been developed and piloted in Coventry for the last 12 months. Newly arrived refugees and migrants have benefited from integration plans which provide personalised pathways across the project, facilitating language learning, employment support, civic orientation and meaningful contact with Coventry residents for clients.

To compliment and support participants progression each of the project partners have designated mentors who meet regularly with clients to discuss their progress and signpost them to services across the city.

We are excited to launch this new project, which will see migrant communities in Coventry work closely with a mentor to develop the skills they need to progress into sustainable employment in the city.

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We want to make #MyCoventry your Coventry.

The Migration Team

Our Journey so far

Coventry City Council’s Migration team has been working collaboratively with both statutory & voluntary sector organisations for more than 6 years to improve the impact of early interventions, to successfully integrate refuges and migrants into their communities.

In 2014 the Syrian Vulnerable People’s Resettlement Scheme was announced by the Home Secretary, designed to aid Syrians who have fled to neighbouring countries as a result of the crisis and who are particularly vulnerable.

Coventry joined the scheme in July 2014, which laid the foundation for the Migration Team today.

Today the Migration Team consists of over 20 members and manage a range of externally funded programmes.

Our Partners